Thursday, September 12, 2013

[RaF] Offering help and more if needed

I am willing to help on EU/US realm with RaF-ing, here is two options:

1. you recruit me, send me battlechest and we will level up one char to 80, lately I can give your second char 39lvl from my first one. If you need more chars or want to go to the end(lvl90) we need to make new agreement. This is for all realms EU/US.
2. I recruit you on US realms, I have full account(MoP) but without gold so I cant give you gold for fly/prof/.... This option is available for 10days, this is how much I got plating time on that account. Like options 1 I can go to the end but we need to talk before we continue.

Surely this offer dont satisfy most of you, but I offer you my experience which I belive all of you wanting. Leveling from Vanila thill now, I played with all classes in both fraction I dont have problem to play any combination for RaF-ing nor realm. I played on low population realm, pvp, normal, on realm I dont understand general language - played on ger, es, fr and eng realms.
In short if you need WoW leveling veteran I am one of many, if you have time to play at least 5h per day we can do 80 in some normal time. But if you are want to play 5h one day than to make 4 days break dont waste my time, once this happen to me.

My playing time:

EU realms
08-22.00 CET

US realms
02-14.00 EST
01-13.00 CST
00-12.00 MST
23-11.00 PST

skype vladimir.baralic92
aim baralic11

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