Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ocr warrior, 2x DK and belf warrior


Phaze 1

At first agreement was to level up one warrior(1-90), one monk(1-90) and one DK(55-90) with alch at max but first all chars asap to lvl 80 and alch at max to use cd on Living steel at every char.
I start warrior like I write at post before this one, ding lvl80 learn alch 600 got discovery trans Living Steel and start monk. Next was DK make char and level up to lvl 80 with alch 600 with discovery of trans Living Steel and ins at max. Than I start monk but soon owner change his mind and give up from monk and want one more warrior so next was blood elf warrior.

Orc warrior
start       07.11.2012. lvl 1   played time 30m 0s
the end  11.11.2012. lvl 80 played time 1d 18h 48m 6s

Orc DK
start      11.11.2012. lvl 55
the end 13.11.2012. lvl 80 played time 1d 0h 25m 11s

Belf warrior
start      13.11.2012. lvl 1
the end 18.11.2012. lvl 80 played time 1d 22h 55m 41s

Phaze 2

Meanwhile owner order one more leveling DK 83 to 90, leveling this DK start Phaze 2. Phaze 2 is to level up all chars I level so far from lvl 80  to lvl 90. Now DK is lvl 87 after that I`ll start with warriors.

Some of screenshots:


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Orc warrior 1-80


Started orc warrior with 550g and gear heirlooms(head, back, legs, shoulders and chest) 1-80 with alch max and skinning, dont have time for editing screenshots but will post later all data and screenshots.