Thursday, June 21, 2012

Status: available

While waiting for any job I made goblin shaman on high populated realm just to be in good shape.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Diablo 3 Demon hunter


Today Sir Lawliet from contact me and we aggre about demon hunter 1-60, on acccount there is around 100k gold when I start. First day I finished like lvl15 and 138k gold with playing time 4h 52m on demon hunter.
Account details:

first pass was reakylikeme12 but after a couple of times wrong atempt blizz locked pass than owner changed to 1freakylikeme12. Owner only put name Cudi in his/hers info and put Holland like his/hers country.


Second day, after 10h 16m I ding lvl30 and finished normal mode, day finished like lvl35 with 216k gold.

While I play got message from Sir Lawliet , he used skype account cudi1q2w, that he will not be home maybe 2 days. I said ok and continue playing.


Third day I saw owner are logged I spend some money on gear I continue playing. Finished nightmare like lvl50 with 266k gold for 26h 39m. Got another message from Sir Lawliet now he will be offline not 2 days he will be off line thill 12.06.2012.


Today I played a couple of hours ding lvl52 playing time was 29h 21m 254k gold Act I hell played.

Also today start playing warlock for Loremaster title, owner send me money for that and I got time thill 12.06. to finished both job.


When I log saw someone played around 30min and spend alot of gold on some shit legendary shoulders. Ding lvl53 280k gold playing time was 30h 13m.


Still lvl53 328k gold playing time 31h 18m.


Again when I log someone spend gold on some shit gear when I log off demon hunter was lvl53 with 250k gold and playing time 31h 47m.


When I  try to log I can`t owner change the password the one who is not at home and who dont play thill 12.06.2012.

I wait 12.06.2012. before I post my work so far owner dont respond and guess he/she will not give a reason why change pass but this is why dont give a shit about vouches on forums. Sir Lawliet got alot of positive vouches but a few last one was negative which can be some spam but other but eventually its true he/she was scamer so to everyone on be happy and continue to do deals with scamer Sir Lawliet.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Warlock Loremaster

The End

quests done: 5473(overall)
12965g 67s 92c

Warlock Loremaster

Day 7, 08.06.2012.

quests done: 5257(overall)
10859g 4s 60c

Warlock Loremaster

Day 6, 07.06.2012.

quests done: 4904(overall)
7950g 89s 61c

Warlock Loremaster

Day 5, 06.06.2012.

quests done: 4617(overall)
6553g 50s 75c

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Warlock Loremaster

Day 4, 05.06.2012.

quests done: 2846
5276g 7s 77c