Monday, September 24, 2012

Mists of Pandaria

Countdown is on the way I am still without reservasion. My price list is on my post reply on forums I ad myself, you know my contact info.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mists of Pandaria

25.09. is closer each day here is my offer for people who wants leveling,

Mists of Pandaria leveling 1-90 150.00EUR if you dont accept Western Union or MoneyGram dont waste my time and yours this is only options for me, PayPal is not available in my country so take it or leave it. Dont trust me again dont waste my time with story about scammers so far I am the side who are scammed not the one who scamm people.


Thursday, September 13, 2012

My chars

Status: available

Playing my chars while waiting some work, so far noone need my services. 12 days thill MoP and I am still looking for beta key or acc sharing just to see how is going Pandarian starting zone or 85+ zones.

Stay good and cya in the game.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hunters 2x 1-40 and 1 1-80

Day eight, 07.09.2012.


level 80
time played: 2d 12h 0m 52s
5271g 84s 65c plus 3725g 54s 90c on bank char and around 500g at AH
1040 achievment
1125 honor brought some gear on the way
537 quests completed
502 herbalism
450 mining
116 cooking
375 first aid


Owner invest 5000g on the end on his/her chars got 8997g 39s 55c.
Time line for chars:

troll hunter lvl40 16h 3m 11s with two professions
undead warlock lvl40 15h 0m 6s without professions
tauren paladin lvl10 1h 36m 58s
                        lvl30 9h 27m 49s
                        lvl40 15h 54m 29s
                        lvl50 1d 1h 35m 32s
                        lvl70 1f 22h 55m 37s
                        lvl80 2d 12h 0m 52s with two professions
This is it my work is done owner is hapy or not I do my best to be fast and to give high quality output.


Friday, September 7, 2012

Hunters 2x 1-40 and 1 1-80

Day seven, 06.09.2012.


Level 69
time played: 1d 22h 25m 40s
3518g 75s 83c
830 achievments
389 quests completed
403 herbalism
363 mining
116 cooking
375 first aid


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hunters 2x 1-40 and 1 1-80

Questing, tanking random dungeons and today while I tank got achievment that I am exalted with guild, wtf level 50 and exal with guild hahahaha brought head and back for 15% extra xp.

Day six, 05.09.2012.

Level 58
time played: 1d 10h 7m 5s
1519g 3s 17c
600 achievment points
280 quests completed
1284 honor
317 herbalism
286 mining
115 cooking
300 first aid


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hunters 2x 1-40 and 1 1-80

Day five, 04.09.2012.

level 45
time played: 22h 38m 19s
2353g 36s 88c
420 achievment points
181 quests completed
398 honor


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hunters 2x 1-40 and 1 1-80

Shockadin what to say more than OMFG try it with prot gear, some shit I collect in randoms where everyone ninja other ppl gear/weapons, rogue roll need on blue ring from SFK with strenght, etc etc

Day four, 03.09.2012.

level 36
time played: 13h 37m 2s
1278g 39s 22c
360 achievment points
120 quests completed
168 herbalism
149 mining
90 cooking
186 first aid


Hunters 2x 1-40 and 1 1-80

Change my mind I dont wanna play 3x hunters new plan one hunter lvl40 one warlock lvl40 and one paladin lvl80.

Day three, 02.09.2012.

level 40
time played: 15h 0m 6s
1282g 98s 87c
270 achievment points
178 quests completed
7 honor points

level 10
time played: 1h 55m 32s
1000g 22s 59c (1000g are from bank char)
270 achievment points
31 quests completed
39 herbalism
41 mining
74 cooking
17 first aid


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hunters 2x 1-40 and 1 1-80

Day two, 01.09.2012.

First char goes to lvl40 hunter now I am playing next one warlock.

Level 40
time played: 16h 3m 11s
2266g 58s 68c
240 achievment points
193 quests completed
13 honor
105 herbalism
166 skinning

Level 20
time played: 4h 2m 34s
1009g 10s 93c
240 achievment points
86 quests completed


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hunters 2x 1-40 and 1 1-80

Day one, 31.08.2012.

Start day by playing my priest but she goes fast to stanby status I am leveling 3x hunters, owner is preparing to MoP.

First hunter

level 22
time played: 6h 39m 27s
1093g 4s 18c(owner give me 5k gold, 1k and 4x14slots bag send to this hunter, we`ll see how much I earn by prof and questing)
90 achievment points
98 quests completed
84 herbalism
135 skinning