Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hunters 2x 1-40 and 1 1-80

Day eight, 07.09.2012.


level 80
time played: 2d 12h 0m 52s
5271g 84s 65c plus 3725g 54s 90c on bank char and around 500g at AH
1040 achievment
1125 honor brought some gear on the way
537 quests completed
502 herbalism
450 mining
116 cooking
375 first aid


Owner invest 5000g on the end on his/her chars got 8997g 39s 55c.
Time line for chars:

troll hunter lvl40 16h 3m 11s with two professions
undead warlock lvl40 15h 0m 6s without professions
tauren paladin lvl10 1h 36m 58s
                        lvl30 9h 27m 49s
                        lvl40 15h 54m 29s
                        lvl50 1d 1h 35m 32s
                        lvl70 1f 22h 55m 37s
                        lvl80 2d 12h 0m 52s with two professions
This is it my work is done owner is hapy or not I do my best to be fast and to give high quality output.


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