Wednesday, July 23, 2014

[23.07.2014.] Restart realms


I am here in the game if you need from me anything just call, skype vladimir.baralic92

Saturday, July 12, 2014

[12.07.2014.] Selling accounts

Hello dear no followers

I am selling 3 accounts, here are some info:

first account

realm: Outland EU
 char: prot paladin with epic fly
 ilvl: 387
 profession: mining 525 skinning 525
 gold: 44.607
 status: active l 20.07.2014.

second account

realm: Frostmane EU
 char: prot paladin epic fly
 ilvl: 400
 profession: mining 510 skinning 525
 gold: 9600
 status: active 01.08.2014.

third account

realm: Tarren Mill EU
 char: prot paladin epic fly
 ilvl: 385
 profession: mining 518 skining 525
 gold: 2618
 status: active 07.08.2014.

what you get, bot ready paladins, e-mail and info.


skype vladimir.baralic92

Thursday, July 10, 2014

[09.07.2014.] Waiting to sell this accounts

Finally found time to make screenshots from two account I want to sell.

First is Frostmane second Outland, my contact skype vladimir.baralic92

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

[08.07.2014.] RaF-ing all day long

While waiting Blizzard to have mercy and to give me beta key Warlords of Draenor helping random guys with RaF-ing.

After leveling I skill up chars and I want to sell accounts. So far I have two accounts on both prot paladin lvl85 with mining/skinning, one is on Outland other Frostmane.

Now I am playing bloodelf paladin, I`ll update gold and progress when I have time.

If you want nice ready to farm/botting account my contact is skype: vladimir.baralic92