Friday, October 4, 2013

[RaF] Helping with RaF-ing

Looking for someone who got flex time? Maybe I can help you. How this will go?
1. you inv me, when I made account you send me battlechest
2. making paladin, he/she will be prot/holy if you have gold I`ll only need bags but I can handle everything without gold
3. when we finished I can grant levels( up to 39 if I dont gave any level to first char) to your other alts
4. I am helping only for ONE char not 2 not 10, if you want my help later we can talk about extra features.

My playing time:

EU realms
08-22.00 CET
US realms
02-14.00 EST
01-13.00 CST
00-12.00 MST
23-11.00 PST

skype vladimir.baralic92
aim baralic11