Thursday, August 29, 2013

[Leveling] Human warlock 46-60 private realm


Playing warlock on private realm( blizz like x1 xp) which takes me alot of time, its grind leveling there is no continues quest lines just from time to time all other is pure grind which kills me, I hate to grind.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

[Leveling] Blood Elf warlock 56-85


level 85
time played: 3 days 4 hours 39 minutes 40 seconds
gold: 5141 golds 46 silvers 92 coppers


The End

[Leveling] Blood Elf warlock 56-85


Level 70
time played: 2 days 11 hours 17 minutes 35 seconds

End of day

level 80
time played: 2 days 19 hours 35 minutes 14 seconds



[Leveling] Blood Elf warlock 56-85



level 56
full heirloom( head, back, shoulders, chest, legs and stuff)
time played: 2 days 1 hour 35 minutes 45 seconds
gold: 95 golds 55 silvers 82 coppers

level 60
time played: 2 days 3 hours 36 minutes 38 seconds

End of day

warlock is around 69.



Friday, August 16, 2013

Helping RaF


12.08.2013. I accept to help one persone to RaF, he/she wants one Horde char on high populated realm and if I have time one Ally char on other high populated realm.
First thing he/she didnt give me any gold mount/bags, second he/she plays just a couple of hours. First day we start play and when we start speeding he/she stops playing LoL time ranking games.
13.08.2013. We start normaly queuing for randoms, around lvl58 after 4 or 5h playing he/she said this is it for today  I said we are so close to lvl60 stay a little more just to ding. He/she ding lvl60 before me and log out I play alone to ding lvl60 by muself.
14.08.2013. We dont play, restart he/she said got alot of work to do blabla I saw he/she doing dailies.
15.08.2013. We dont play, he/she said got alot of family obligation but I saw logging into acc early in the morning.

This will be maybe last time I offer help to someone who dont appreciate my time and my money. I paid my Internet if I said I help you this dont mean that I shall stand on the bench and waiting for you to be in the mood to play, I`ll dont wanna use some stronger words for this situacion.


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Helping with RaF-ing part 3


Today we finished what we planning, after so much problems about playing time. Here are some numbers from todays playing:

- level 70 played time 14 hours 28 minutes 0 second
- level 80 played time 18 hours 27 minutes 14 seconds

Some random screenshots: