Wednesday, July 7, 2010

    I offering leveling, honor and badge service, its one-man service only me without help outside( friends, family or bots/scripts). A few words about me, playing WoW around 4 years so far I played with every class and skilled up every profesion atleast to 440. I am playing with European IP, leaving in Europe but outside EU. I dont claim to be the fastest leveller going, or the best player in the world either, but i have the time and dedication to get whatever character you want up-to the level you require. I do NOT use Bots, Hack's or anything that can compromise your account.
   The majority of my time is spent questing from zone to zone. Thank's to the improved LFG system in 3.3 i may visit some instances to get a quick push in exp as well as clearing alot of quest's. I do not mass whisper people for instances, join guild's with your character, or anything of the sort. I simply work to get your character up as fast as possible.
   All item's found from levelling will either be used to better improve your character or sold in auction house to get your gold up. I do not purchase anything unless its required and whatever is left when i finish is all yours.
   Payment's can be paid in installments, for example a 1-60 can be arranged so €13.00 is paid per 20 levels. Full payment is accepted at start also, however i will not accept doing a character and only being paid once finished. Sorry scammers. Payment method: Western Unio, MoneyGram, Moneybookers, Bank2bank and Game cards EU.
  Contact msn: if you want more info or something else to offer just add me and we can talk.