Thursday, June 20, 2013

RaF this week only

Blizzard give a gift to anyone who want fast char or who dont trust any leveling service.

If you need help be free and contact me by skype: vladimir.baralic92 or aim:baralic11 Us or EU realm any combination of class and fraction.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Private realm x1 blizz like NE druid 1-60

First time someone wants to level him/her a char on private realm, realm is blizz like x1 xp x1 professions alot of broken chain very very bad gear drop for class which is not warrior/mage.
But after alot of nerving days and nights finaly got the goal Level 60.
I play brand new account with no gold no bags no gear so everything goes on my talent and past knowledge. 
Here is some numbers and screenshots:

level 25
1d 9h 33m 19s
1g 87s 1c
level 30
1d 22h 38m 10s
level 40
3d 23h 37m 18s
level 50
6d 23h 51m 13s
34g 77s 82c
level 60
10d 9h 43m 20s
61g 64s 56c