Friday, August 16, 2013

Helping RaF


12.08.2013. I accept to help one persone to RaF, he/she wants one Horde char on high populated realm and if I have time one Ally char on other high populated realm.
First thing he/she didnt give me any gold mount/bags, second he/she plays just a couple of hours. First day we start play and when we start speeding he/she stops playing LoL time ranking games.
13.08.2013. We start normaly queuing for randoms, around lvl58 after 4 or 5h playing he/she said this is it for today  I said we are so close to lvl60 stay a little more just to ding. He/she ding lvl60 before me and log out I play alone to ding lvl60 by muself.
14.08.2013. We dont play, restart he/she said got alot of work to do blabla I saw he/she doing dailies.
15.08.2013. We dont play, he/she said got alot of family obligation but I saw logging into acc early in the morning.

This will be maybe last time I offer help to someone who dont appreciate my time and my money. I paid my Internet if I said I help you this dont mean that I shall stand on the bench and waiting for you to be in the mood to play, I`ll dont wanna use some stronger words for this situacion.


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