Friday, September 6, 2013

[Leveling] Human warlock 46-60 private realm


Warlock ding level 60 after less than 2 weeks, so painful without questing and any help( something never change people dont like to help this is from vanila time thill now, everyone knew better everyone can do alone everything). Leveling was like grind grind grind and grind with alot of cardio exercise.

Nevermind I done my part warlock is level 60 now I am looking new project.

If someone wants to RaF with me contact me over skype: vladimir.baralic92 or to level with me on US realms. I made US account( full not standard) and made paladin on Sargeras but dont have so much gold to give you for fly but maybe someone is interesting to play with me. I done alot of RaF-ing even make a couple of post on some web site for that, like give me battlechest and I`ll help you to level up fast to level 80. So I can help you with that too, you send me battlechest, invite me and we can level up some char/s.

Meanwhile I`ll play my paladin and wait 5.4 when I`ll be back to my EU account to farm some achievments :)

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