Sunday, May 25, 2014

[25.05.2014.] New prices


from now on I am leveling 1-90 for 25.00EUR plus battlechest.

How this work? First I`ll make new accaout you inv me for Recruit a Friend, second you give me battlechest so I can use 300% xp bonus under lvl85. You can send me money or I`ll give you account info so you can log in and purches game key from the store or I can link you some discount method( I cant check if this still work or not but still can link you offcial blizzard payment option).
All I earn goes to your char, my payment can be in 60 days game cards or if you preffer cash I can only get money over Western Union or MoneyGram.

I am European and I can play on both US and EU realms, any fraction and any class.


skype vladimir.baralic92
aim baralic11

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