Sunday, November 24, 2013

[RaF] Helping random guy

Last week I help some random guy I found at wowhead. He played lock and paladin I played in both occasion paladin.
First combination lock/paladin goes slow I ding level 85 with time played 1 day 4 hours 48 minutes 42 seconds, almost half leveling I played alone and grant level when partner go on line.

Paladin/paladin goes a little faster, I didnt play alone too much - just jurking around with leveling pets, 22 hours 49 minutes 47 seconds.

That was my RaF test because I cant RaF-ing with my acc, if someone need help with RaF-ing I am here my prices for that is 30.00EUR plus acc, if you already have acc you have nomore fee if not new battlechest acc is 4.00EUR.


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