Thursday, February 21, 2013

My paladin

Ding level 80 week ago but I am too focus on other activities that I forget to post some numbers and screenshots.

A little more info about my paladin:

- lvl60 1d 10h 3m 23s
- lvl80 3d 2h 4m 56s


- professional journeyman 15h 12m 52s
- professional artisan 1d 16h 6m 28s
- working day and night 2d 10h 52m 0s

At the end I made paladin on high poputated realm, I dont have any hel, no heirlooms, no gold only me and Zygor add on :D ( great help but feel like bot, guess all major bot use Zygor guild for leveling and farming routes). I learn epic fly at lvl70 got around 4k gold so I can learn 310% fly but I lock xp and that gold using for gearing and other thing I need for title Herald of the Titans.

Here is some screenshots:


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