Thursday, August 2, 2012

UD priest 5-70 plus engineering at max for this lvl

UD priest with chest and shoulders heirloom

lvl 5
15g 4s 28c
played: 43m 4s
10AP(achievment points)
no prof

Day one, 28.07.2012.

lvl 8
14g 62s 28c
played: 1h 33m 28s
herbalism/skinning 8/8

Day two, 29.07.2012.

lvl 33
115g 18s 2c
played: 14h 41m 34s
191HP(honor points)
engineering/mining 195/150

Day three, 30.07.2012.

lvl 47
731g 80s 66c
played: 1d 3h 54m 32s
engineering/mining 215/230

Day four, 31.07.2012.

playing all day and at the end I was so tired that I didnt make screenshots and dont know how is going with played/gold/prof. Priest finished day like lvl 61.

Day five, 01.08.2012.

lvl 70
when I ding got 1000 gold but owner send 5ooo more to skill up engineering at max for this lvl
played: 2d 11h 4m 59s
engineering/mining 450/377

No screenshots owners wish, your wish my command.

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